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DIY Counter Wipes


These wipes are so easy to make and cheap, you probably have everything you need in your pantry already!!  The spread of coronavirus in the U.S. has caused a shortage of counter wipes and most stores are completely sold out.  You can use alcohol as a disinfectant for items like door knobs, handles, counter tops, and other surfaces, however, alcohol isn’t always reliable enough as a hospital-grade disinfectant. I have been making these wipes for over 10 years.  I began using them because of the price of counter wipes, some are as high as $3.00, mine costs about .50¢ (not including the container), and I go through a lot of wipes.

What you will need:

  • Paper towel roll (any brand will do)
  • Sharp knife
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol (at least 70% rubbing alcohol)
  • 1 tsp liquid dish soap (I prefer dawn platinum)
  • 10 drops essential oils (optional)
  • Air tight container


Let’s get started:

  • Find an air-tight container that will hold your paper towel roll. The height doesn’t matter, you will cut it to fit your container.
  • Mix the vinegar, water, alcohol, dish soap and oil and set aside.
  • Use a sharp knife and cut through the paper towel roll. This is the hardest part, lol. I have tried serrated, electric and find a good sharp knife does the best job. Just start sawing and it will work, trust me.
  • Put the paper towel roll in your container. I have tried a coffee can, but it started to rust, so I use a canister I found at Walmart and added a label (I love labels).
  • Make sure your liquid is completely mixed and pour the mixture over your paper towels. Make sure to move around as you pour, you will want your entire roll to be saturated.
  • Close your container and allow to sit a few minutes.
  • Reach in and pull out the cardboard center, it should be very easy to do.
  • Grab a paper towel from the center and pull up so it feeds from the center.
  • Save your leftover dry small paper towel roll end for small jobs.
  • That is it!! It was very easy and very affordable.

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