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Workbench Makeover

I purchased two workbenches last fall, in anticipation of my “she shed”.  I originally planned on making them, but our local Runnings store had them on an amazing sale, and they were nice hardwood and could hold up to 250 lbs.  Assembly was rather simple, drawers are a bit cheap, but I can live with that.   The look was ok, but I had a different look in mind, I like shabby country/farmhouse looking things.

I painted the inside of the shed with a homemade stain, 1 gallon of water based white paint to 1 gallon of water, so I decided to do the same to this workbench.  I have a ton of knobs and handles that I buy when they are cheap, and if you know me, I mean cheap!!  We used to have a dollar store called Yankee Dollar, and when they were going out of business, I bought all of their knobs and handles they had, 2/$1.00.  I thought this one would look great on the workbench.  One coat of paint and the new knobs and it is exactly what I had in mind.

And the finished workbench 🙂

Now to finish the second one………

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