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Teacup Curtain Tiebacks

With a little imagination and a few simple DIY tricks, you can create a one-of-a-kind tieback for your curtains from something you already have in your house.  I love teacups and have used them to create many things.  I have made candles, garden ornaments, even bracelets from random pretty teacups I have found.

Teacup Bottoms Drilled
Teacup Bottoms Drilled

The one thing you probably don’t have in your house is a diamond drill bit.  I have a large assortment, that can be found cheap online at Walmart, a 15 pack is about $14.37.  You are probably wondering, why would I need a 15 pack?  The hole you drill will depend on the thickness of your curtain and the bottom of the teacup.  You can see in this picture that the middle one has a small bottom, so you would only be able to use a thin curtain, and the other two would be more suitable for a heavier curtain.  When picking your teacup, make sure there is a design on both sides of the cup, I learned this the hard way :).  I made a set and realized that one side of the curtain had a pattern and the other side was plain, lesson learned!!

To Start:

What you will need

  • Cordless drill (You will be drilling underwater)
  • Diamond drill bit
  • Teacup (design on both sides)
  • Plastic shoe box or bucket
  • Small cup hook

Fill a plastic shoe box or bucket with water that is deep enough to cover the teacup.  I always drill glass underwater, keeps the drill bit cool and it cuts very easy.

Pick out your teacup, make sure that there aren’t any chips and the handle is secure.  Use a marker and draw where you want your hole to be on the bottom of the cup.

Put on safety glasses and gloves,  I use my silicone oven mitts to hold the cup for safety.


Pick the drill bit that matches the hole you drew on the bottom of the cup.  Test your bit, making sure it is securely in.  Place your cup, bottom side up, so you can see your marking, and it is completely immersed in water.  Drill slowly !!  If you find your bit is sliding and you can’t seem to get a good start, I have used masking or painters tape to help.  Again, go slow!!  Ceramic and porcelain is delicate and if you go fast, it will chip or crack.  That is all there is to it, easy peasy 🙂


I hang the curtains first and slide the material through the cup and mark where the hook will be.  Sometimes having it located higher on the curtain than normal will increase its decorative effect, giving it more of a swag look.  Screw your hook in and hang your new teacup tieback♥


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