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Recycled Bicycle Wheels

I love reading creative blogs, and came across The Hanky Dress Lady, isn’t that name adorable??  She made these adorable garden flowers out of bicycle wheels, I know, sounds a bit over the top, but I had to make them.

I had 2 old bicycles that I was going to tear apart for parts, so I had the main part.  They didn’t explain how they attached them to the pole, or what type of pole they used, so I ran out to my local Home Depot.  I decided rebar would make a great pole, but how to attach them, and it came to me, hose clamps 🙂

Taking the wheels off of a bicycle is very easy, but messy, very messy.  I always have all colors of spray paint around, so I painted them all different colors.  I painted the rebar green and left the hose clamps unpainted.  The Hanky Dress Lady had put leaves on hers, but I liked mine without.

Important note !!!  Make sure that you are 100% sure you want them where you put them, I learned the hard way.

I tried cutting the rebar, and I just don’t have the tools, so I hammered them in the ground to the height I wanted.  The rebar was 10 ft tall, my hardware stores only carry 1,2,4 and 10 ft rebar, and I knew I wanted these flowers to be about 6 ft tall, so 10 ft it was.  I hammered them in to the desired heights and attached the flowers and hated where I had them.  They were not easy to get out of the ground, but I did manage to get them out and now they are in their permanent location.

Now, if you’re still with me, and you get one completed, I would love to see it!!”

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