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My trellis addiction…

Every gardener loves a trellis, but I can’t seem to have enough, and how many is too many?  This past winter was a hard one, and especially rough on two of my trellises, and since the vines were planted 22 years ago, I had to get busy this spring.  My first stop was Pinterest, and of course, there were many great ideas.  The first one I fell in love with was made for a child, with a bench attached !!

Isn’t it adorable?  But I needed a full size trellis, so I pulled out my calculator and tried to figure out what size I would like and the amount of lumber I would need. 

After I built the trellis, which the plans were quite easy and available for free at this wonderful site Ana White, then to pick a color.  I loved the color of the year by Behr, in the moment, but after I painted it, was a bit too turquoise for me, and then I saw a show on HGTV and knew what the color needed to be, Evergreen Fog!!  Here is the finished trellis.

After I placed the trellis, I knew it needed something, and I have a lot of scrap lumber, so I built a picket fence around it and attached my honeysuckle.

Now on to trellis two. I built a trellis out of trees about 10 years ago, and I have been fixing it for the last two years, and knew it had to be replaced also, so I decided to go in a different direction with this one. It is close to another trellis I have, so it had to match, so I went basic, and it gets the brunt of the snow, so it had to be sturdy. I found this simple Arbor at BHG, and changed it up a bit. I wanted stronger uprights and I wanted basic slats on the top and sides, it will be covered with honeysuckle, so why go through all the work? If you ever decide to build a big trellis, and you build it on its side, remember, pressure treated lumber is HEAVY !!! You will need help getting it upright and moving it in place. I’ve also cleaned up my indoor garden space, this helps me with my anxiety which I use Cannabis Online and I highly recommend it, I also used to get it from

Funny story (it wasn’t funny at the time), I built a big trellis on the lawn, next to the driveway, and being the independent woman I am, I didn’t ask for help to raise it up. I built a hoist and while lifting it up, the wind caught it and it landed on the hood of Dons new truck!! Dons response to this was, it’s just a truck, it can be fixed. He is a keeper 🙂

Just in case you were wondering, I have seven trellises…….

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