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My Solar Chandelier Obsession…

My Facebook memories yesterday showed a picture of my friend playing with one of my solar chandeliers, 5 years ago!!  Have I really been obsessed with them for that many years?  I am not a hoarder, seriously.  I found one at Goodwill over 5 years ago, for $2.50, all bent and the power cord was cut, and my first vision I had was a flower planter.  I brought it home and loved it as a light and hated turning it in to something else, so a light it would be.

I cut off the power cord and it happens I had a bunch of dollar store solar lights, for a garden mushroom project I was working on. I put one light in each bulb socket (which fit almost perfectly) and waited for it to get dark.  I was instantly in love !! 

Over the 5 years, I have picked up a “few” more chandeliers and a decorative candle holder and converted them.  If you are wondering how to attach your solar lights? GE Silicone 2, it is amazing stuff and lasts for years. Indoor lighting is not meant to be outside, the finish doesn’t hold up well, so they have all been painted several times.

A month ago, I saw a crystal chandelier on Facebook Marketplace for $5.00, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I needed this for my shiny garden. My shiny garden is filled with all things mosaic tiled with mirrors. I went a bit crazy a few years ago and tiled a bird house, bowling ball and a plastic pink flamingo, lol.

This light was a challenge though, the bulb faces down, and all solar lights I have wouldn’t work. Walmart happened to have a globe solar light with the sensor in the globe 🙂 With a little playing around, I got it to fit and waited for it to get dark. It doesn’t get the light like it would if it was facing up, so it only lights for a few hours, I can live with that. The person selling the light had another one, that was broken, I grabbed that one also for later projects.  A bit gaudy for some, but it’s summer and who doesn’t like a shiny garden that sparkles at night… 

I am also addicted to landscape lighting, they are everywhere that I don’t have power.  I had to cut down on the lights in the front of the house, Someone mentioned it looked like an airport runway 🙂 

If you were wondering, I have 5 solar chandeliers. When the sun sets, my solar chandeliers light up and illuminate my outside spaces beautifully. The best part of having them is, if your power goes out, they will light up your house, no need for candles.

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