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Keep Calm And Pinch On

What does keep calm and pinch on mean?

Pinching people is a St. Patrick’s day game. People who wear green pinch people who don’t.  “Pinch on” simply means “continue pinching.”

I like St. Patrick’s Day, but I don’t usually spend a lot of time decorating for this day.  The first thing I usually do is……  change the outfit on my geese.  Yes, geese, lol.  A very long time ago a very good friend of mine gave me geese, with a complete wardrobe.  You’re never too old to enjoy playing dress up with your stylish resin geese.  Thank you Molly 🙂

I love to decorate my fireplace and wanted to do something simple, and I LOVE bunting.  I saw this cute tutorial and decided to make it.  My friends give me their old books that are all beat up, so I had everything I needed.

What you will need:

  • Old dictionary pages
  • Glue stick
  • Green contact paper
  • Scissors
  • String

Let’s get started:

  • Cut your dictionary page in any shape you want your bunting, adding an extra 1 inches on the top.
  • Fold over the top and add a thin line of glue, leaving room for your string.
  • Cut-out your shamrock, which is simply 3 hearts and a stem.
  • Glue the shamrocks on to your bunting.
  • Thread the string through the back of the bunting and you are done. 

You can’t get much easier than that!!


I am looking forward to cooking a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner, who doesn’t love corned beef !

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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