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Easy Rock Painting Ideas

by Jennifer Searles

Painted rock is a very growing trend and I find it truly amazing and unique. All you need are smooth and flat river rocks and paint. I use acrylic paint and you can combine rocks with wood, decorate a garden pot, or just paint the rocks and decorate a garden. I have a friend who has a camp on Lake Ontario and she recently gave me some driftwood and stones from her camp. Stone painting is simple and all you need is your imagination and a few simple items.

Let’s Get Started ♥


Getting started

The first thing that came to mind, since I ♥ snowmen, is snowmen decorating a tree. With all of my wood projects, I always seal them with Wise Owl matte varnish. I used a piece of my old fence post wood and dry brushed a simple tree, some snow and a star. After I had the scene the way I wanted it, I splattered snow (white paint). I played around with sizes and shapes of some stones to see what would fit, a little time consuming, but worth it to find the right ones. Once I had my stones all set, I gave them a nice coat of white paint. I added some eyes, buttons, scarves, arms and hats and glued on to the driftwood using E6000. Once the glue has dried, I sprayed it with a coat of Krylon spray sealer. I use spray sealer because it is easier than brushing on. Done, aren’t they adorable 🙂

Snowmen Decorating Tree

You can add anything you would like, use your imagination. Don’t be afraid, nothing has to be perfect or shaded, if you don’t want it to be.


I had some wood slices from a previous project that were already sealed. I placed a few stones on the wood and found the ones I thought would look the best. I guessed where the wings should be and painted light strokes, to give it a transparent look. When the paint was dry, I attached the stone to the wood using E6000. I love the simplicity of this angel.


The penguins, like the snowmen, were painted freehand. I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to put them on, so I made two 🙂

I really enjoy working with stones and am looking forward to making more for the holidays.

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