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Easy Jelly Bean and Tulip Centerpiece

How cute and easy is this jelly bean Easter centerpiece? Use fake flowers, or use real flowers by placing a smaller vase with water in the middle and filling in the gap between the two vases with jelly beans.




  • 2 nesting glass vases or containers (such as a drinking glass), one shorter and at least an inch narrower.   I used a square container and a salsa jar
  • Jelly Beans
  • Fresh or fake flowers, I use fake because I have animals and I never know what is poisonous

I inserted the smaller vase inside, then filled the gap with my jelly beans.  Finally, I placed a bouquet of tulips in the salsa jar and that is all there is to it.



Tulips are available at Sincerely Liz 


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Paper Floral Wall Cones

I love making cones out of old dictionary pages, newspapers and colored paper.  It is the perfect vessel for candy and beautiful hung on the wall with silk flowers.


People sell them on sites like Etsy and Ebay, but over $10.00 for 20-25 pages made in to cones?  I have a large collection of old dictionaries, but if you live by a Goodwill store, Salvation Army store or have a library that has a yearly book sale, you will be able to pick several up for almost nothing.  A whole book !!

Looking for the perfect silk tulips?  Sincerely Liz has a large selection in stock here.

I came across this lovely blog, a subtle Revelry, who had an amazing, simple and beautiful tutorial on how to make paper floral wall cones.

You can see the blog here, and I would love to see the finished project, please share with us.

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A New Year and New Beginnings!

A New Year and New Beginnings!

Many of you may know me as “A Ponytail Kind of Day” on WordPress, so I hope you enjoy following me on this new journey.  With the new year, it is the perfect time to think about making new beginnings in your life.  Maybe this will be the year that you redecorate your living room, make a new wreath for the front door, brighten up your back porch, or something as simple as changing the silk flowers on your dining room table.

I love exploring Pinterest, looking at all of the creative ideas people have and testing them myself.  With this blog, I will post projects that I am trying and will post the results, both successful and unsuccessful.

How will you be making a new start this year?  Just ask yourself, what will we be making today and come and read my blog for inspiration.

If you have any ideas, comments, questions, requests or suggestions – I would love to hear them.